Moon Calendar

Moon Calendar


This calendar has been imagined as a self knowledge tool, like a notebook in which you can share your emotions, thoughts, gratitudes of the day. We invite you to take ownership of it, to play with it, and use it freely in your own way - allowing your imagination to flow.

Circular, like all cycles in Nature, this calendar honors the influence of the Moon in our lives, and the different phases that we go through each month as a Woman.  Our cyclical nature is powerful, and taking time to connect to it on a daily basis can help us live in a more grounded and fulfilling way. 

With this calendar, you will also receive a pocket size, foldable version to take quick notes any time wherever you are. If you feel a bit intimidated to write straight away on your calendar, the pocket version can be used as a draft before putting the essentials on your calendar and will thus allow you to play more spontaneously. You may also use each of your calendars to follow the evolution of different aspects of your life - or offer one to a friend! 

We hope that the calendar will help you to better understand yourself through each phase and each cycle.

Handmade in Paris - Printed on recyclable Paper (300gr and 120gr)

Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm

Created by Laura Vendescoeur. Work deposited

Original French version here.

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